Our satisfied buyers purchase creams strong power to the countries:

Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, France, USA.

Conditions for wholesale for Slovakia:

  • minimum order 100 creams,
  • payment in front by invoice for first three months. After that the products will be delivered,
  • stock out: pick up in ZA, DPD, Post Office, DHL- customer will be charged.

Conditions for wholesale for EU:

  • deposit for cover prints for 10 000 covers, which will be in 3 languages,
  • payment in front by invoice for first three months,
  • next orders by invoice, deposit for products 50% of the price of orders,
  • minimum order 3 000 creams,
  • delivery by: DHL, DPD.

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